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Carbon Fiber

We are proud to announce the debut of our newest cowl gauge models, the "CF Series.

Our new 1979 - 1993 CF Series cowl gauge panels are available in all gauge configurations: 1 gauge, 2 gauge, 2 gauge RACE, and 3 gauge. Manufactured using the highest quality automotive ABS plastic available, each panel is capped with a carbon fiber cover and finished off with 3 coats of high gloss automotive clear coat. This process creates a deep, durable, 3 - dimensional carbon fiber look while providing superior UV protection. An optional black stainless steel mesh can be attached to all louvered model panels for enhanced aesthetics. Race, Show, or GO, your Mustang isn't complete until it has a CGC CF Series cowl gauge panel. Order yours today!

Extremely durable, totally functional, show quality fit and finish. The finest CGC cowl gauge panels to date.

CGC - 1 CF $229.99
CGC - 2 CF $229.99
CGC - 3 CF $229.99

CGC - 2RACE/CF $219.99

CGC - 1 CF/SS $249.99
CGC - 2 CF/SS $249.99
CGC - 3 CF/SS$249.99

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