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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the gauges viewable from inside the car?

A: The gauges are clearly viewable from inside the car and positioned directly in front of the drivers seat. On both models, we recommend performing minor wiper arm modifications as shown on our installation instructions to get maximum gauge view.

2 Gauge With Wipers
CGC 2 Gauge panel with the wipers installed
3 Gauge Without Wipers
CGC 3 Gauge panel installed without wipers

Q: I have a big cowl hood. Will the gauge panel fit?

A: Yes, a panel will fit. We consider a big cowl hood as being 4" or taller. With hoods 4" or taller we recommend using extreme care when installing the panel. Make sure to check your hood to cowl clearance when opening the hood to full height. A hood rod modification can also be performed to gain extra clearance. Refer to our installation instructions to learn how to perform this modification. The 2 gauge panel is raised higher than the 3 gauge panel. If you cannot achieve enough clearance to easily work under the hood of the car with the 2 gauge panel a 3 gauge panel may be required.

3 Gauge Large Cowl Hood
CGC 3 Gauge panel installed with a large cowl hood

Q: Is the panel fully machined and does it maintain a factory spec. wiper opening and washer area.

A: Yes. The panel retains the factory wiper opening and windshield washer area.

Cowl With Wipers

Q: What kind of material is the cowl gauge panel made of and how durable is it?

A: The panel is made of A.B.S. plastic, a common plastic used in the automotive industry. The plastic has UV protection and is very durable. It is also paintable.

If you have any further questions regarding our product please contact our tech line at (214)734-7335. Thanks for looking.

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